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Family Testimonials

"I’m writing this with tears in my eyes… we LOVE Kelly S! Kennedy was diagnosed with autism around 18 months and our family was lost with how to navigate through the simple day to day tasks. Kelly came in not only as a therapist, but a friend and life line. She came in and educated us, she listened to us, and she came up with solutions. It has been amazing having her as a therapist and I only wish that any child that needs OT would get the level of service Kelly S provides. She truly has and is an absolute gift to us ♥️

                                       -Parent of Kennedy

“Full Circle has been a true blessing for my daughter and 

family. Our therapists understand my daughter's needs, 

strengths and abilities and assure she is using them to her 

full potential. They do not stop there... commitment, 

encouragement, empathy and many other qualities are 

what make Full Circle such an AWESOME organization. If 

you are looking for Therapy Services where your child will 

work hard, grow and be loved for who they are, then Full 

Circle is where you should be!”

“We were told that Brittney would never even sit up, 

and since Full Circle started treating her years ago she 

has just blossomed. She indeed learned to sit..... then 

crawl, then stand, and now she is learning to walk. We 

couldn't be happier!”

                         - Parent of Brittney

“Kelly has not only been an amazing 

therapist for our son, but has such a 

positive spirit that she brings to work 

every day. She has formed such a loving 

bond with our entire family, and I have all 

the faith in the world that she will 

continue to help my son advance 

physically to his full potential.”

                  - Parent of Samuel

"Thank you and your whole team for all that you do, 

when I was talking to Jake's mom the other day she was 

so impressed with the high level of treatment that your 

team provides in comparison to what they are use to." 

"You all truly have made such a difference in therapy 

options in Union County! Your standards are leaps and 

bounds above what other providers can offer!!"

                                            -Jennifer (Service Coordinator)

"Thank you so much. It has been great working with 

your company. Lori has been so wonderful! She made such a big difference in our 


-Parent of Jake

We hear great things all of the time from our families! We never get tired of it and we certainly do appreciate it!

We'd love to add your story. Please do drop us a line at and if 

you say the word, we'll post your testimonial, too.


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